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Iridology is a non-invasive method to evaluate past, present and potential health issues. Iridologists analyze over 80 zones in the iris that correspond to different locations in the body. A determination can be made as to the state of a person’s health and potential weak organs and tissues at all locations in the body. Iridology has been successfully utilized for hundreds of years and is proven to be a reliable evaluation tool.

We live in a very toxic environment where mercury fillings in our dental work release poisonous gases into our brain and mold filled living and working environments are everywhere. These are only a few examples of situations that threaten our life experience, potentially every day. They can have a profoundly negative effect on our brain and body’s ability to properly function and live life as a normal human being.

Iridology is an effective tool for determining these toxicity levels, aiding in fine tuning of detoxification protocols. Valuable information is gleaned from the iris to determine the most desirable detoxification protocol. Anyana-Kai’s goal is for you is to experience the most beneficial detoxification for your individual needs. Schedule your Iridology appointment today! Also, classes are available to become certified as an Iridologist at www.anyanakaiuniversity.com 

3344 Secor Rd.
Toledo, Ohio 43606

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