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Zero Gravity Chair






Zero Gravity Recliners are specially designed to relieve the body of the pressures experienced in an upright position.áBy extending the lower legs above the heart, the spine is allowed to decompress.

This position has several benefits including:

  • Less pressure on the spine
  • Reduce stress on the heart
  • Relieve muscle tension
  • Less pressure on the heart and expanded lung capacity
  • Increased circulation and increased blood oxygen levels

The Zero Gravity Recliner at Anyana Kai can be beneficial for many compromised health situations.áDepending on your needs, several healing modality combinations can be implemented in conjunction with use of the Zero Gravity Recliner to maximize the benefit, during each healing session.

Combine your Zero Gravity Chair session with other modalities to maximize total benefits 

3344 Secor Rd.
Toledo, Ohio 43606

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