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Hypothalamus Reset Diet Information



Hypothalamus Reset is not an artificial appetite suppressant. It is a naturally occurring hormone called Humna Chronic Gonadotropin, a peptide hormone produced by pregnant women. Although the results are the same for men and women. During pregnancy, Hypothalamus Reset enables the body to access all the mother's stored fat supplies to provide and fetus with an ongoing supply of nutrition. If you want to get Hypothalamus Reset drops, please note that our bottles are a full 1oz, which should last you for the full 30 day diet.

In order to maximize your results and lose weight quickly and painlessly we recommend that you download the Hypothalamus Reset diet guide provided here. Hypothalamus Reset drops are as effective as Hypothalamus Reset injections without the discomfort or expense of needles. How can Hypothalamus Reset diet work for you? Hypothalamus Reset helps the body burn its fat stores no matter where they are located. Its effects are the same for men and women, pregnant or not.

To learn more about Hypothalamus Reset visit our Hypothalamus Reset FAQ page The Hypothalamus Reset diet is an effective way lose weight, control your appetite and maintain your energy levels. We can not stress enough the importance the Hypothalamus Reset diet guide to aid you to achieve the optimal results. The Hypothalamus Reset diet program will help you maintain proper nutrition level and yield the best results.


  • Hypothalamus Reset has been proven safe and effective for over 30 years
  • Hypothalamus Reset is the quickest weight loss method without losing muscle
  • Hypothalamus Reset eliminates food cravings
  • Lose 10-12 lbs. a week with the Hypothalamus Reset diet
  • Maintain your energy
  • Gorge for 2 days
  • Very high success rate
  • It's sooo easy
  • 3 week supply of Hypothalamus Reset drops


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