kinesio tape

When a muscle is inflamed, the space between the skin an muscle is compressed, resulting in a constriction of the flow of lymphatic fluid from the collecting work in the dermis. This compression often stimulates the acidity of the pain receptors in the dermis, resulting in pain.

Over a contusion, Kinesio Tex Tape demonstrates the ability to increase circulation and facilitate lymphatic flow. These results are seen within 12 hours of application. Fan-shaped Kinesio Tex Tape placed directly over the bruise.

If the skin of the affected area is stretched before and during the tape application, the tape and the underlying skin will form a series of wave-like wrinkles when the body part is returned to the neutral position. The wrinkles affect is essential to the effectiveness of the Kinesio Taping Method. Since the "lifting" of the skin increases the space between the skin and subcutaneous tissue, the lymphatic fluid is taken up more readily from the interstitial space and improved lymphatic channels. These physiological effects enhance the body's healing processes-providing a better environment for tissue healing to take place.