Why conduct saliva testing

This gives providers a better idea of the levels of hormones that are actually influencing the tissues, rather than just the level of hormones that are present in the tissues.

  • Adrenal: The Adrenal Stress saliva testing panel evaluates stress, a leading cause of morbidity and mortality.

  • Bone: Aging is inevitable, and bone reflects the aging process by exhibiting gradual loss of mass.

  • Female: A non-invasive test consisting of 11 saliva specimens collected during specified time periods throughout the menstrual cycle.

  • Food Intolerance: Caused by a food substance that triggers a toxic reaction on contact with our intestinal cells which produces inflammation and can result in intestinal damage.

  • Gastrointestinal: A saliva and stool sample is laboratory analyzed for the most accurate and specific diagnosis of the symptoms.

  • Male: The hormones involved in this restoration of a man's vitality can now be collectively measured in one salivary sample.

  • Menopausal: Menopause is a natural and usually gradual change in glandular function in women resulting in substantial shifts in hormone levels.