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Welcome to the path to healing here at Anyana Kai. Here, you will be referred to as a "Seeker", because you have the courage to go outside the box of allopathic medicine seeking for answers to healing. Whether you are looking for help to overcome weight issues, pain relief, help with attention deficit disorder (ADD), addiction, depression, or any number of physical, emotional, or psychological ailments, or just to maintain health and wellness, we can help you find your path to natural healing and balance.

Each seeker is unique, with different needs and remedies required to help regain the natural balance between mind, body, and spirit. Our practitioners are trained in a number of; natural, homeopathic, naturopaths, therapies/ ceremonies, and remedies. They are also trained to read and assess seekers and to provide them with an individualized path that can be successful and rewarding. With the sacraments and ceremonies performed at Anyana Kai, we help seekers harness their body's innate wisdom to live healthy, balanced, and fulfilled lives.


Nebulized glutathione is a master antioxidant that is important due to its synergy with other antioxidants. It is also critical for raising the levels of glutathione to support neurochemistry.

The National Library of Medicine published on article on Aug. 8th, 2021, titled: Nebulization of glutathione and N-Acetylcysteine as an adjuvant therapy for COVID-19 onset

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raindrop therapy

Raindrop therapy, also called Raindrop Technique, is an aromatherapy massage technique created by the late Dr. Gary Young. It involves applying a series of essential oils to the skin.