Importance of Detoxing

Facilities to Detox

6/27/20242 min read

Reasons to Detoxify

Since the industrial revolution we have made the mistake of making and using many products that are extremely toxic and have left our toxic footprint worldwide. There are no parts of the planet or any living thing that has not been touched by these toxins. In some areas we have realized our error, as with lead, and have taken it out of our gasoline and paint.

The problem is that we are still producing and using more toxins than ever. These toxins are cumulative and build up in our bodies. Sadly, even newborns are affected in this era as most babies are born with dangerous levels of toxins passed from their mother while "safely" in the uterus. These toxins cause birth defects, learning disability, hyperactivity, and set the stage for infant and childhood cancers. Everyone tested in the last 20 years have exhibited toxic levels.

If we try to keep things simple our body is constantly working on two major functions; getting nutrition into the cells and eliminating the toxins out of the body. The biggest sticking point is that, in order to get out heavy metals and petro-chemicals we have to conjugate and bind these toxins in very specific ways for elimination. Every time that you pull out one molecule of these toxins, one molecule of the binder must be re-established in order to continue the detoxification process. Listed below are some of the nutrients necessary for the detoxification process. In order to make best use of the Detox Depot you'll need to follow these protocols.

In today's world with everybody testing positive toxic levels, it is not a matter of if, but when you will reach your toxic burden and start expressing symptoms. Once symptoms appear you have reached your toxic burden. We here at the Detox Depot can assist you with your detoxification process. We'll ask that you prepare your body for detox by using our "self serve" facilities everyday for the first two weeks. After this two week period we'll assess you on an individual basis for your personal detox requirements.

Hollywood Stars and rehabilitation centers alike embrace detoxifying and changing brain patterns. They understand how instrumental it is in fighting ALL addictions. (Whether its food, drugs, gambling, smoking or sex) Combining treatments; FIR, NeuroFeedback, and Auriculotherapy decreases addiction drive easing withdrawal symptoms.